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                    Providing support for all NHS workers and Healthcare Students across Wales     

Welcome to Health For Health Professionals Wales


Health for Health Professionals Wales is a free, confidential service now available to all Health Professionals and Healthcare Students working in NHS Wales. 

HHP Wales offers a free, confidential service that provides you with access to various levels of support. To borrow money, even with bad credit, visit You can borrow up to £5,000.

We offer

Self-help, Guided self-help, Peer support and Virtual face to face therapies with accredited specialists.

How it Works

To access our Guided self-help, Peer support and Virtual face to face services contact our helpline. This can be done in one of 3 ways, either by using the referral form (click here), by calling 0800 058 2738 or emailing

The helpline will get back to you within 24 hours and will make arrangements for you to speak to one of our doctor advisors who will talk you through your options for ongoing therapies and support. This is a free service.

Access Health for Health Professionals Wales 

We are open

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

(Excluding Bank Holidays)

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Access Urgent Help 

Out of Hours

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If you are working in NHS England please click here to access NHS Practitioner Health Services

Contacting HHP Wales

To contact us please go to our General Enquiries page.



If you wish to refer yourself for support then please go to our Referral page and complete the form.

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